Revised Theory 2 – A Virtual Genisis

Revised Theory Number 2 – Virtual Genisis

This reality is not our base reality as Elon Musk has been known to say “the odds are *billions to 1 that this is base reality” however that is where our agreement stops as I don’t think it was aliens that created this reality – I think it may possibly be us). I believe it’s possible that we live in a “probability created by a singularity” from a white hole. The laws of physics breaks down at the centre of a blackhole leading to a singularity and the laws of physics also tells us that the opposite of blackholes also exist that erupt from a singularity and then in less than an instant are gone however we are yet to detect and confirm this, to me it seems logical that “as a blackhole is created so is a whitehole” with the white hole actually being the start of a new possible universe. Just one reason I believe this is our theory of the big bang. The laws of quantum mechanics say that there is 10 to the power of 500 possibilities when it comes to the big bang theory as well as a few other bizarre predictions and the truth of the matter they are actually quite correct all the way and they have no conflict at all as they both accurately describe both sides of the same coin and I’ll explain why with black and white holes. When a blackhole is created the pressure is so immense it actually opens up a possibility in the quantum realm right where a virtual particle might pop out of existance and in that same instant a singularity is formed giving rise to what appears to be a point of infinite density that point is actually the white whole and also an entire universe very similar to this one, now if that is not strange enough that process is from our perspective eternal in every way we look as are possibilities for universes. Now it get’s worse and I’ll explain why – this may all virtual in a way!

I propose that blackholes actually fold or compress spacetime and have no surface until it’s infinately dense centre which is more like a particle caught in super position or locked and caught or frozen in the centre of an einstein-rosen gateway or wormhole. This worm hole needs to remain open in order for gravity to bleed back through the worm hole allowing for the blackhole to be created. On the whitehole side of the singularity a new universe is playing out. This is where quantum and classical physics meet and there is no conflict at all. There is no quantum gravity as such gravity is just the accumulation of mass inside a spacetime environment. In fact depending on your view examples of quantum phenomena can be witnessed in the macro world all the time for example people – we are born we exist for a period of time and then we cease to exist (in this reality) just like particles in the quantum world. Another examples could be stars they are born they live for a period of time and then cease to exist it’s just a different perspective! All systems behave in this way from the quantum to the macro they are born they exist and then they cease to exist and our universe is no different it’s just a quantum particle of a much larger universe and that universe is also just a quantum particle of a much larger universe again. The truth of this reality is far stranger than it first appears. Quantum theory is an accurate way to describe the utter strangeness of this reality and how they (all realities) are all connected in a very specific way and classical mechanics accurately describes the interaction of energies within those realities the 2 theories compliment each other perfectly to describe the entire system within which we find ourselves. I am not a mathematician but from my perspective that classical physics should be used to calculate energies within a system until it reaches a singularity at that point quantum mechanics takes over to better describer the next possibility. Our entire existance is just a wave of probability defined by our individual perspective.

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