time loop

First Revised Theory On Genisis – maybe?

Revised Theory 1    – Multiversal Genisis

1. I believe that our universe is cyclic in nature, meaning it has a start and finish that coincide at a singular point, I also think that the inside of a black hole or rather from the event horizon inwards is a timeless singular point, this point also reaches or breaks through too the same point at which the cycle of the universe begins/finishes. This is a logical conclusion given all 3 points essentially have no time or are an existance or substructure where time does not exist so it implies too me that all 3 points are reaching to the same point. It’s also conceivable that whatever our universe is expanding into may also be the same point as well since time essentially would not exist there either.

Why is our universe cyclic? I think our universe must be cyclic in nature due to it having a start and a finish with these being proven I contend that outside this environment is by our current perception timeless or according to Krauss (T = 0) which gives birth to the universe.

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