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my rantingsBelow is the last half dozen of my crazy rantings, as mentioned on other pages these rants are about my interests, theories, philosophies and ideas. They are diverse and in some cases quite complicated, if you do not understand or I have not explained myself very well please feel free to leave or comment or contact me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

Why Investing In Gold Is Important 2017

KaratBars | Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 | Invest In Gold Now!

Why Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 & What is KaratBars? Buying gold is important for 2017 due to the uncertainty of the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are creating a big storm  in the financial sector. Until the storm is over I believe buying gold is now important as it will continue to increase in value. KaratBars is a fantastic new platform for buying & trading gold bars. KaratBars is where you can buy 1 gram bars of gold or larger, KaratBars will ship your gold bars to you. Gold bars can be commemorative or designed and branded. KaratBars offers a fantastic affiliate platform that is worthy of attention. In the following article I will explain why buying gold is important for 2017 and beyond. Why Buying Gold Is Important  For 2017? In the last year or 2 there has been an onslaught of new cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies while they have their merits are doing damage to the worlds economy. The problem is that digital currencies like Bitcoin are taking normal money out of the economy. Many smart people are looking for other places to invest. Precious metals and real estate will be reasonably safer investments than stocks ...
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SEO Traffic Generation Guide 2017-2018

Success in blogging, selling products, your online business, whatever you are doing online is basically reliant on site traffic generation. In this article, we will be discussing some very simple SEO traffic generation ideas that will help you build traffic to your site or opportunity. If you are blogging then it really all starts with SEO. SEO traffic generation (search engine optimization) is the process used to make your pages Google friendly. It is important for 2 reasons:
  1. We want Google to like what we do so to optimize for the best search results we can get.
  2. SEO traffic generation (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that as webmasters we are in control of
So SEO traffic generation starts with us as webmasters and site owners doing everything that we can do our end to optimize our content. We can't just get authority backlinks to pass link juice to us. We can't just get mentions out of the gate. But we can optimize so that we have the foundation ready for what consistency and creating content with the best practices brings down the line. SEO Traffic Generation Guide 2017-2018  SEO optimization can be split into 2 categories, on page SEO and ...
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website traffic and seo arrows

Website Traffic | Website Update Part 3 | How To Get Website Traffic

How To Get Website Traffic? Getting website traffic to a brand new website has been the end of many a website and blogsite. This website is less than 2 months old and is already seeing organic search results. I haven't spent any money at all but it has taken a fair bit of work. I am documenting my experience in starting this website and the steps I'm taking to get website traffic. So if you want to know what it takes to get traffic to your website this will be a guide worth reading. As you can see from the infographic I have seen over 450 visits so far, some of which will be bots crawling my site for new content. The spike in traffic comes from links on high traffic websites, in this case it is mostly Reddit and StumbleUpon. What Have I done To Get This Website Traffic? Mostly I have done what I call social media SEO arrows or basic SEO arrows. This is the process of creating a social media presence to get website traffic and search rankings. The larger your social media presence the better! Creating SEO arrows is a bit like politics. Each social ...
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seo in devonport

SEO In Devonport

Does Anyone Do SEO In Devonport? SEO in Devonport is a search engine optimization service that I provide to SME's in the Devonport, Tasmania and Australian region. Are you tired of poor results? If you want the truth about SEO, I have written a post on it that you will find very revealing. It has been a while since studying this area, however I do know enough about SEO to help most businesses with their search rankings. Since I am an individual person doing the work I will be only taking on one job at a time. There is quite a lot involved in optimizing a website to rank better in search engine results see below for more information. On Page SEO - What's Required? On page SEO is the practice of optimizing a websites pages so as to achieve a higher rank in search results. When a website page is written or design it has certain elements required to provide an optimized user experience. The least statement also applies to search engine bots that crawl a websites pages. This includes title tags for links and pictures, links to be written in a contextual manner, pictures to include alt tags ...
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Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! | What To Do?

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! The coming onslaught of workplace automation is killing our jobs! The work place is about to change in dramatic ways leaving many out of work. Many companies are now placing themselves to embrace the new technology that is coming available. The technology in the form of robotic automation coupled with AI is already changing work places around the world. If you haven't noticed this yet it's not hard to find out simply do a Google search on the subject and you will see what I mean. If this new automation of the work place hasn't affected you yet, trust me it soon will! Below is a recent video on the subject of robots and other forms of automation killing our jobs. It's only a short video but as you can see it's news related feature. So as you can see automation is killing our jobs! If Home Automation Is Killing Our Jobs - Who Does It Affect? There are many calculations being made in regards to this and as to how much of the industry will be affected. But the sad fact is that it will eventually affect over 90% of the working class ...
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website traffic and seo arrows

SEO Arrows – Part 2 Do These SEO Arrows Work?

SEO Arrows - Do They Really Work? SEO Arrows would be considered an outdated SEO method by many SEO experts, the truth is this is a misconception. I believe they do work and are a valid source of both social traffic as well as search engine optimization. While it is still early days for me using this method I have already seen a marked increase of website traffic. Is The More Basic SEO Arrows That I can Do? YES! As I have been testing it is OK to promote your website page or post directly in most cases. In the image above is a basic SEO arrows layout simply leave out the "new article" and article directories. In the following post I will share with you what I have done so far in this more basic form of the SEO arrows concept. How To Set Up A More Basic SEO Arrow First ensure you have written a well optimized post or page I highly recommend the Yoast Wordpress Plugin for this. First share your new post to your own social media presence. Next join these websites to begin the promotion process: Viral Content Buzz, StumbleUpon, Reddit*. You should already have ...
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