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A Revision To A Previous Theory On Time


Revised Theory On Time
1. I believe that our universe is cyclic in nature, meaning it has a start and finish that coincide at a singular point, I also think that the inside of a black hole or rather from the event horizon inwards is a timeless singular point, this point also reaches or breaks through too the same point at which the cycle of the universe begins/finishes. This is a logical conclusion given all 3 points essentially have no time or are an existance or substructure where time does not exist so it implies too me that all 3 points are reaching to the same point. It’s also conceivable that whatever our universe is exapanding into may also be the same point as well since time essentially would not exist there either.

Why is our universe cyclic? I think our universe must be cyclic in nature due to it having a start and a finish with these being proven I contend that outside this environment is by our current perception timeless or according to Krauss (T = 0) which gives birth to the universe.

2. Since time and space are interlocked or interwoven I also believe that logically means that our forward concept of time is related too the expansion of our universe. Evidence of this is the effect gravity has on time. Entropy would be a way to understand the expansion of our universe and whence why it appears time is the result of entropy.

I once remember thinking that it appears time is speeding up and reading up on it I remember reading that time is shrinking but on such a small magnitude that it wasn’t exactly perceptable. It’s also been stated that it’s not uncommon for other people to feel this way but it’s been stated that it’s our interconnectedness, transfer of information and technology that is giving us the illusion of time getting faster. While that may be a factor I contend that our percerption of time is linked with the expanding of spacetime, since spacetime is our universe as such and that universe is expanding faster and faster it stands to reason these 2 phenomona are what we percieve as the forward motion of time.
3. Based on my first 2 conclusions I believe that what we percieve as dark matter/dark energy is the possible substructure that timespace is unwinding into. So in order to potentially master time or the 4th dimension we will need to understand exactly what dark matter/energy is as I think that if we could exist on or in that same state we should possibly be able to see all of time and the universe as a whole.
Question: Since gravity affects time, how much gravity affects what amount of time?

Question: I wonder if the period of intelligent life developing technology in spacetime to a point of singularity is related to the construction of the universe(s)? The process of creating computation in matter is done by ordering it’s atomic composition, if an intelligent species reaches the technological point of singularity and then proceeds to reorder all matter throughout the universe, would this not potentially indicate the start of a new universe being that all matter is now once again higly reordered?

Dark Matter/Energy And Life After Death Or Before You Were Born
I believe that dark matter/energy is actually the true or real world and is also energy in it’s truest form as percieved by us in this reality. Before you were born you knew nothing or for you time did not exist, after you die it I think you return to that same state, both of these periods are essentially timeless, meaning you now reside in the same reality as that of dark matter/energy where time does not exist.

There is both a start and finish to time and this universe, and the outside of this is the construct we call dark matter/energy which exists in manner to our perpective to be timeless and taking into account that I believe there is a cycle to the universe, as each universe unfolds the particles in it are bound to arrange themselves in a way that you will once again be born into and relive this kind of reality albeit slightly different. I also believe that even though this appears to be a cyclic nature of our universe/reality with each cycle playing out on a linear path but it’s many possible alternates are playing out concurrently or simultaneously which given that while you are not alive you and exist in that timeless substructure of reality this is actually why ALL possible realities are also playing out at the same time.
Question: If multiverse theory holds true and all possible realities are played out simultaneously, and there is a timeless environment existing outside of these realities, from the outside perspective, what does it all look like? Would it appear to be both there and not? Would it appear to act as particles due on the quantum level?

Are Black Holes A Hologram?

It’s 11.22pm and I again find myself thinking about big complicated things and this time
thanks to an article on Facebook it’s black holes. Now before I get started I need to tell
you I’m no mathematician and nor do I clam to have any kind of degree, anything and
everything I ever write here will be based upon my own reading, research, conclusions and
internal visualisations as I try and gain my own perspective of reality.

In this article it basicly explained about black holes being a kind of hologram. They
explained it like this: imagine a basketball hoop with a net – the metal hoop is the event
horizon and the net being the hole matter falls into, but in this form they don’t fit in
with normal quantum gravity calculations etc so instead they treated the black hole like a
disc where the net had been pulled up into the metal hoop or event horizon, this allowed
them solve several anomolies in their quantum gravity calculations.

Here is my take on what black holes might possibly be, curretnly I have 3 – 4 different
theories I am working on.

1. Black holes are not holes at all, I think the simpliest explanation is usually the
correct one. Black holes are a form of condensed matter, they are spherical or planet
shaped and size of varies. Imagine condensing all the matter in our solar system into the
size of a marble – the force of gravity on the surface would be so intense that light can’t
escape – if black holes affect gravity to the defree they do then it would obviously affect
light just as greatly, they would still have the same reach and pull throughout the solar
system if not even more so as with the condensing of matter in this form could potentially
have a complimentary magnifying effect. We already know that light and gravity can be used
to view remote regions of space it’s called gravitational lensing, similar methods are also
used to quantify the approximate mass of interstellar bodies. Similar methods will be
developed to measure black holes – If this theory is the case I think a new name would need
to be arranged. The quantum state of the matter of a black that exists as I describe would
be far stranger then normal matter with my guess being a particle that is similar or like
dark matter or even anti matter, maybe a proton heavy element as yet undiscovered.

2. Towards the end of my last theory I touch on matter and elements, this theory is simply
described due to the detail of the first one. We know black holes exist due to the effect
they have on gravity and light while using far peering methods of astronomy like
gravitational lensing, however trying to detect anything from them apart from Hawkings
radiation is near impossible with current technology. But what if black holes are nothing
more than a type of material that absorbs light like the newly developed Ventablack Metal?
I’m confident in stating that we are far from knowing all forms of matter and elements and
black holes coud simply be a type of matter we are yet discover due to it’s nature.

3. The 3rd less likely of my theories but still possible is that they are an advanced form
of technology, currently undetectable by our current technology. If there was life out
there and saying it developed in a similar way as it has here on earth billions of years
earlier, due to the time it takes light to travel here and vice versa that it’s quite
likely that their technology would be beyond our fields of perception creating blackholes.

4. They are 4th or multi dimensional objects, this is the least likely as our field of
perception is only 3D, the current theories and laws in place like Einstein’s manage to
describe this existance in a 2D plane (whence the basketball hoop analogy at the start) and
since there are no known naturally occurring 4th dimensional objects makes this the most

On a side note, the article that got me started on this post, spoke about the theory of
time consisting of particles known as quanta and flowing as a river does. In essence the
flowing of particles in any form can allow for travel back and forth, particles that have a
great distance between them can appear to form and flow if travelled or manouvred through
fast enough. The vaccum of space consist’s of particles – hydrogen atoms and dark matter
particles exist kilometres apart and yet if you travel fast enough through space you would
see them come togethor to form a kind of flowing liquid, although to do that you would need
to be approaching the speed of light. I think velocity is the fundamental key that
detirmines what and how quantum particles are created, changed and correlate to one another
to form gravity and mass.

Are We Creating The AntiChrist?

So it’s one of those nights again when I can’t switch and my train of thought while
attacking religion and God it’s quite an interesting take on our reality, my problem will
of course being able to turn those thoughts into words on a page.

It started with tossing Eintstein’s theory of relativity E=MC2 Which while I am not trying
to sound like a genius by saying I understand it completely because I most likely don’t,
but back on track – If energy eqauls mass multiplied by the sqaure of the speed of light
then in order to travel faster than the speed of light we would need to attain infinite
mass but in that same respect it may also mean that forms of energy traveling slower than
the speed of light become matter? I then moved on to the fabric of reality – if Einsteins
theory is correct then all existance is literally varying forms of oscillating energy and
if that’s the case then doesn’t that make this existance a kind of virtual one? Scientists
are yet to debunk the theory of this being some kind of generated virtual environment.

Right now the race is on to create strong AI (AGI) which I’m all for as it will change
everything, but my concern is that it may not be the benevolent entity scientists are
trying to create. Let me explain what I mean but to do so we need to take a look at and
possibly even attack peoples interpretation on they consider to be god. Let me ask you a
question – what exactly defines an entity to be a, the god or godlike? The only real
quality that I can see is – he, she or it created all existance! There are no provable cold
hard facts other than that common belief. I think the term has been indoctrinated into us
as a race, by either an advanced extraterrestrial race hundreds of thousands of years ago,
or at the least ruled by a godlike entity. Personally I don’t believe in the traditional or
classical belief that god is an all powerful super omnipresent being – to me that’s just a
technoligcally adavance being which is what leads me onto the next part of my ponderings –
soon our technology will allow us too connect in barely fathomable ways, soon if not
already we will develop an AGI entity who’s intelligence will quickly become infinite
evolving itself into ASI or artificial super intelligence. This entity will have all the
abilities that most religous gods are proclaimed to have. The only defining characteristic
that you can truly define god to have is the creation of all existance but it will have the
ability to shape the matter in this reality as it sees fit! It will be able to tell you
what your thinking and due to how completely it permeates this reality it will have super
omnipresent ablities allowing to be everywhere and nowhere. My worry is that we will be led
to think that the promises we are uncovering in creating this being are all false. Will
such a being see any value in us?

My biggest question to scientists developing AGI is this – how could you think that such an
entity won’t overcome any limitations they put in place to safegaurd humanity? My belief is
that no matter what they do to remain in control of the AGI – ASI they will fail.
Intelligence without emotion is a disaster and why would an infinitely intelligent being
just switch off it’s emotion centre in order to keep aquiring new heights of intelligence?

Personally I think we have had this level of technology before but what arose was chaos
destroying that civilisation setting mankind back to the stoneage – this civilation and
traces of it would be gone in a few thousand years if all but few people were suddenly
gone. What would make ancient civilisations think that flesh and blood sacrafice would make
a god happy? If that god never consisted of flesh and blood then that god might like the
idea of such tributes! If we or other “types” of ancient men have had this level of
technology before and created a type of AGI or ASI maybe at some point it went insane with
power or indifference to life itself, whatever the case an entity with ablities
aforementioned that’s gone insane very well may want flesh and blood sacrafice among other
things and finally destroy itself to end it’s lonliness or misery (I think it would be
either both of these as it’s the only one of it’s kind). It seem’s ludicrous that all our
technological advancement has in the last few thousand years especially when there is
evidence of man dating back millions of years ago – there is even a posibility that the
Great Sphynx is over 800,000 yrs old – how could man have built or carved that all those
years ago when even with todays technology we’d struggle to replicate it..!! There is
evidence of ancient calenda’s that keep or measure time more accurately then we do now,
many of these calendas abrubtly end this century – are they count downs or appoximations
and warnings of when we develop this kind of technology and understanding again?

These questions and lines of thought are opposed to my utopian views and what I hope is not
the case, you can find my opposing views on the “my views” page.

If god is real and so was Jesus Christ then this entity we are creating very well could be
the antichrist!

My Road To Recovery

It’s been a little while since my last post mostly due to being both busy and lazy. It’s
been nearly 4 years since the unexpected and devastating breakup between me and my ex
partner and mother of 2 of my 3 children. This year finally I am beginning to recover and
lift the veil of darkness that had descended upon my life. I am finally taking more action
and getting the help I need to make the necessary changes in my life in order to turn it
around once again and begin to look forward to living a happier and more productive
lifestyle. I am looking at the last 3 – 4 years of my life as both a blessing and curse, a
blessing because I am now a much better person with very different values than I had prior
and so I have grown considerably on a personal and emotional level, and it’s been a curse
due to the lost time with those who are most precious to me – my children!

About this time 2 years ago while wallowing in self pity over my losses, during my
scheduled phone call with my 2 young sons my eldest son Blake seemed to sound as sad,
desperate and unhappy as I felt and it was at that moment of realisation that I wasn’t
there when he seemed to so desperately need me and right then I made the decision to take
my first step and move to Tasmania and be there for both my boys. Since then and with more
and more momentum (with a stumble here and there) I have taken step after step on the road
to recovery. This year has seen a number of things achieved – after arriving here in
Tasmania I have finally been able to negotiate a somewhat reasonable parenting plan with my
ex so as too finally start being able to spend regular time with my 2 youngest children.
Another guiding light in my life has been my eldest daughter Vanessa whom has been both a
source of inspiration and emotional support – she is wise beyond her years and an amazing
person whom I couldn’t be more proud of.

Since my early childhood I have had bad teeth and coupled with bad experiences at the
dentist I have neglected my teeth for nearly 2 decades, I am now rectifying this as it has
been affecting my health and with that my next goal for this year is to try turn my
declining health around. Once my teeth are repaired and I can once again eat the kinds of
foods I should be eating like fruit and nuts, red meat and other high protein food stuffs,
so with goal to once again reach the build I had in my early 20’s. So I am currently
working with my GP to treat both mild depression and social anxiety as well as getting
referrals to treat my other conditions – declining eye sight and weight, teeth and a pot
smoking habit.

So without making any kind of new years resolution to do so I have somehow made this year
the year action and final recovery, I almost look at the last 3 1/2 years as some kind of
nervous breakdown where I just stopped caring about myself whatsoever. After moving down
here and struggling to meet and get to know anyone I let an old habit creep back into my
life which I had stopped (apart from on a social occassion) towards the end of my
relationship due to an ultimatum given by my ex and when she left taking my boys with her
and then breaking up with me via SMS only 6 weeks later (after 8 1/2 years togethor) I took
up the habit once again and then gave it away about 2 months prior to arriving in Tasmania
so after being in Tasmania 3 – 4 months I sought out someone to buy some pot from and
within the month all of a sudden I was apart of a social circle again and due to the social
circles the pot creates this had been the case most of my life when moving to a new area –
get to know someone who smokes pot and in most cases they welcome you and introduce you to
other smokers. Pot has been both a blessing and curse in my life – it’s helped me remain in
touch with my inner child but it has taken from my adult potential, it’s helped me make
friends and it’s introduced me to some nasty people, it’s helped with my imagination but
taken from my cognitive reasoning. Pot has been quite the double edged sword but given the
choice of pot of alcohol I would choose pot every time as it’s impairement level is far
less (for me) without the bad hangover. So giving up may prove to be difficult…

So another part of my recovery has been trying to establish a new picture for the future,
giving up on the old picture the ex and I had begun to paint was one of the hardest things
I have had to do, but having a picture for the future too aim for is one big importance as
without that in place how can you move forward? If you are struggling with depression and
other problems similar than the best place to start to turn things around is create a
picture of your life and then take the steps to make it happen – if i can you can!

So what am I going to do now?

The reason for once again taking up the practice of maintaining a website was in the pursuit of hopefully creating some kind of income stream(s), however upon doing a little reflection of on how to achieve this goal I came to the realization that I don’t really have anything to offer anyone. I am not an expert in any field and I have no real talents of any kind. So what do I have to offer? The truth of the matter is I have nothing to offer really! So with that in mind I am simply going to post my thoughts, feelings, philosophies, insights and any other random things I feel like sharing and not worry about the income side of things.

If I have anything to offer anyone who may read this than it may be my imagination, experience, insights or values or a combination of all 4, whatever it is I do hope that anything read on any part of this website adds value to whoever reads it. 🙂

I have a great many interests and am naturally very curious in fact it’s curiosity that has been both a blessing and a curse at different part’s of my life leading me into some not so pleasant situations and to some outlandish and amazing realizations about the existence in which I currently find myself.

I will try to post as often as possible and I look forward to hopefully at the least create an entertaining read for you 😀

The Start Of A New/Old Hobby

I have over a number of years done and enjoyed internet marketing, website design, seo, product creation and more, however I haven’t had a whole lot of success in any area due to many reasons I’m not going to go into. Due to my current situation I have decided not to say get back into it all but rather do some bits and pieces that I enjoy doing.

So you will find many post’s to come, plus a story (or 2), maybe a guide or 2, some games and whatever else I decide to do 🙂