My name is Richard Monssen and I welcome you into mind of a stark raving mad lunatic and my little corner of the internet. I am using this site as a kind of online digital record of my thoughts, theories, philosophies and ideas, and hopefully maybe even achieve an income online. Also If I’m lucky I may even get some of my ideas off the ground. If any of my crazy stark raving mad rantings interest you feel free to say hello and let me know what you think! I have a few reasons for doing this site but one of the main reasons is so that someone much smarter than myself may use my creative crap as some source of inspiration. I treat my facebook timeline as another kind of journal of some of the stuff I read, like and share, anyway if you want to know more just post a question, say hello on Facebook, or read more about me here.

Most people who know me would say I’m eccentric others would say delusional and a stark raving mad lunatic but one thing everyone will agree on is that I can cook anything from good ideas to good food, while I have just started this website it may be of value to you even now as it unfolds. I will provide some yummy food recipes, I will provide ideas for businesses, I will provide gaming content with any hints and tips, I will provide fictional stories I am writing, I will post complicated theoretical philosophies on my blog and other great stuff I find and enjoy in my world and who knows I may even have something for you too but you won’t know if you don’t look!

If your an entrepreneur or investor and are looking something new to develop or start then you have come to the right place, you can choose to contact me directly through my site, peruse my current ideas here or even buy or invest in them! If your wanting a complete idea with my help and insight to get it started then contact me directly.


video gaming by a stark raving mad lunatic

I love gaming (more than I should) and as such I plan on doing a lot in this area in the near future and as such I have devoted some of this site to my gaming. While I do not have the budget that many others have, I am going to post what I can for now and hope you enjoy the content which will be videos showing how some things are done on some games plus I have provided many ways for you to ask any questions you may have anyway you can find the start of my gaming content here.


web design by a stark raving mad lunatic

Another favourite past time has been website design, internet marketing and search engine optimization. I have spent a lot of years (off and on) learning website installation and setup, html, css, search engine optimization, internet marketing, social integration and all the rest. I don’t profess to know everything about all of it and anyone that does would be lying as there is simply too much for a single person to learn and do, instead I focus on some basic stuff that should be enough to get a decent website up and running if you have the time to learn.

rantings of a start raving mad lunatic

For a look at some of my stark raving mad theories, philosophies and ideas check out my blog it has anything from science and technology to website design, SEO to stories and more!

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